Pro: State of the Art equipment featuring Pulse Power Technology, quick color change availability and meticulously maintained to eliminated cross contamination.

Con: Competitors dirty and contaminated booth – Improper storage of powder, non-shielded equipment.


Pro: Availability to quickly change colors due to multiple fluidizing hoppers. Resulting in faster processing times. Also eliminates cross contamination as no two colors are ever mixed in the same container.

Con: Box feeder unit which as shown above does not fluidize the powder which can result in uneven levels of application. Difficult to change colors as it requires removal of suction tube to be thoroughly cleaned prior to installing into next color. DIRTY!


Pro: State of the art new for 2014 Government required low nox emitting numerically controlled 800,000 BTU oven. Insures consistent bake and cure parameters.

Con: Traditional blast oven, will in the future be non-compliant.

our attention to detail

Pro: Being a professional wheel finisher, extra detail shown to mask off back pad to ensure exact fitment.

Con: No masking, whatsoever. Since there is build up on the back of the wheels, this creates complications with fitting the wheels back onto the vehicle.

quality comparison

Pro: Pulse power technology insures even coverage in deep recessed areas. Wheel designs often require this extra detail. Eliminating Faraday cage effect.

Con: Excessive ‘Orange Peel’ resulting in an inconsistent textured finish. This is due to buildup on flat surfaces trying to get powder in to the deep recessed areas.

fixture and hanging methods

Pro: Wheel specific mounting fixtures ensure complete coating encapsulation of the entire wheel.

Con: Generic wire hanging method which creates a seem around the barrel. Which can peel and corrode

Wheel Preparation

Pro: Environmentally friendly non-intrusive in-house wheel preparation which maintains all sharp edges and definition of the original design. We NEVER sand blast.

Con: Insufficient wheel preparation (sand blast) which did not remove damage on face, still noticeable through the finish and leaves rounded off edges and excessive orange peel.